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Brighter Red - More Oxygen is carried thru our bodies.
Darker Color - Less Oxygen.

Arterial blood:

  • Usually brighter red.
  • Passes thru lungs.
  • Venous blood transfers OXYGEN to tissues.


  • Essential or Vital for the WHOLE BODY.
  • Necessary to maintain normal healthy cells.

LACK OF OR LOW OXYGEN Environment - Create, permit or allow:
Cancer cells, Disease and Sickness to thrive. Dr. Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize WInner, understood this TRUTH. Studies have shown:

  • Deprived cell of approx. 35% and time period of 48 hours, has possible potential of becoming CANCEROUS.
  • Low Venous OXYGEN saturation linked or proven case of Degenerative Disease.


  • Hydrogen Peroxide I.V.'s 
  • Hyperbaric OXYGEN Therapy (HBOT).
  • The 'Original' Chi Machine.
  • E-Power - Negative IONS - balanced Energy field for Internal Whole Body Health and Healing.
  • PH - Pro-biotics (good bacteria helps with OXYGEN and PH).
  • Trees give us OXYGEN ... plant a lot of trees around you at home!
  • Black Walnuts - OXYGENATES blood to help kill Parasites.
  • Whether going to the Hospital of M.D. we know it is common procedure to have OXYGEN levels to be checked or monitored while in the Hospital.
OXYGEN, Oxygen, oxygen - just like OPRAH'S O Magazine ... is she saying that her magazine is like a breath of fresh air???

Remember, Oprah used to have the Network named 'Oxygen'. Whether Oprah sold this or she is still partners with Oxygen Media, Inc. Oprah played a big role with the Foundation of the 'Oxygen Network'. Oxygen is a cable channel, it's an interactive network program focusing on Women.

OR is OPRAH Trying to say that OXYGEN is for all and for all to have health, be healthy  and to reclaim their health.

With all that I have learned, since my Adenocarcinoma of the Cervix (Adenosurvivor) in 1996 I believe that OPRAH is screaming to the world that OXYGEN is ONE of the important keys for health. 

I know, for me: 

  • along with Alkaline PH.
  • Pro-biotics, they help to support the body of Proper PH balance and friendly Bacteria. 
  • Enzymes (supplemental form to keep PANCREAS CALM).
  • Nutritional supplements - Isagenix, Isalean shakes, Ionic Supreme!  Stem  Enhance/Stem Flo- helping my bodies Adult Stem Cells to work naturally. 
  • Proper Eating - for me it was Very High Protein/Low Carbs .... I Believe this is the essential short term needed direction to everyone dealing with health issues ... you have to keep the Pancreas calm to slow down aging and to give the body the support it needs for using it's precious energy properly.
  •  Isagenix - Flooding my body with Nutrition and Cleanse for Life!

I was Major Hypoglycemic:

  • Sleept poorly.
  • Fatigue bad.
  • EYES blurring badly.

Fast Growing Cancer (adenocarcinoma of the cervix at age 38), stage 1-B and with the Medical Belief system ... there is no cure for CANCER. Their choice for me was a Radical Hysterectomy ... I canceled surgery 5 days Prior!!! It was ONE of the best decisions I have made ... since then I have made a lot of wise 'Choices'!

I realized I needed: 

  • OXYGEN and proper PH.
  • To save my bodies Internal energy supply.
  • To not exercise and save Energy for the Internal Fight with CANCER. The Original CHI Machine is  perfect for this, it's passive pro-active movement.

Today I use and focus on INTERNAL WHOLE BODY HEALING:

  • Original Chi Machine, Passive Aerobic exercise safe for the Whole Family.
  • E-power to balance Negative Ions Energy Field, Mitochondria - increase ATP, Energy, Muscles and Heart.
  • Hothouse Dome/Fir Pad - Far Infrared Heat.
  • Supplements, along with Stem Enhance/Stem Flo to help support my body of Rebuilding, Repairing and Regenerating.
  • Pro-Active path of current living for better health in the future.
  • Isagenix - Flooding my body with Nutrition and Cleanse for Life to regularly Cleanse.

Cellular level of Cells:

  • Natural Process of Oxidation occurs throughout our lives.
  • Oxidation - causes damage to the Mitochondria.
  • Mitochondria - are like our 'Internal Furnace'.
  • Healthy cells have Heat! This is the energy source of our cells.

When this energy source of our Internal system is out of balance. The ability of our bodies antioxidants to occur naturally is no longer able to maintain our cells from free radical damage ... due to Oxidation ... in time sickness and disease happen.

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